Your partner in creating the optimal growing conditions for high-tech greenhouse plants

SIGS is a complementary team of partners that takes a holistic and integrated approach to help horticultural companies worldwide create the optimal growing conditions for plants in high-tech greenhouses.

About SIGS Partners

For growers to achieve commercial success, it is essential to optimize crop production. The Plant Empowerment principles revolve around doing this by focusing on the plant’s needs and balancing the inputs accordingly. Within the Plant Empowerment Foundation, the six companies have already helped numerous growers to gain a better understanding of this data-driven growing philosophy and to apply it in practice.

Now, by working together as SIGS Partners, these specialists can integrate all the relevant crop-related factors – such as substrates and irrigation strategies, algorithms and fertilization – resulting in a truly holistic approach. This integrated focus on the plant balances is a scalable solution for predictable yields, which ultimately eases the burden on growers so that they can concentrate on other issues.

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Our products and services

A wide range of products and services are available from SIGS Partners, including informative training sessions and a QuickScan to provide insights into the potential benefits of an implementation project. In the near future, SIGS Partners will also start offering Growing as a Service (GaaS) solutions. Feel free to contact us for more information. We are very happy to help!